Week in Review: June 20

Today the Hollywood Reporter announced that Amazon greenlighted an Invincible animated series. This is interesting news because the animated series will not conflict with the Seth Rogan / Seth Goldberg Invincible movie, which is still in production.

This week sees the release of X-men Gold #30 – I am about to spoil this book so consider this a spoiler warning! This book was advertised as a Kitty Pryde / Colossus wedding issue but inside you’ll find that Kitty Pryde leaves Colossus at the altar and in a complete plot twist Gambit and Rouge end up getting married. The X-Men Gold #30 Secret J. Scott Campbell polybag variant is the only cover to show Gambit and Rouge getting married. This is a $4.99 book that has been selling for $8 to $10 online. It is very possible this book will be considered the first appearance of Mr. and Mrs. X – the new Gambit / Rouge series announced earlier today.


Another book to look for this week is the Josh Middleton cover B of Aquaman #37. This book has sold out at the retailer distributor level and has been selling for $8 to $10 online.


The last book to look for came out last week, Oblivion Song #4 Frog Variant. Skybound released a chase variant for Oblivion Song #4 that was inserted randomly into retailers orders – this variant has a frog on the cover. The Oblivion Song #4 frog variant has been selling steadily online for $10.



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