Week in Review: May 30

Another week, another two book to look for

Riding on the coattails of Batgirl #23 Cover B, this week there has been a lot of interest in the Josh Middleton cover B for Aquaman and Jabberjaw #1. The initial print run of this book has sold out at the distributor and it has been selling online for $10+. This has the potential to be the book of the week.


This week also sees the release of Uncle Scrooge #438 from IDW. For this issue IDW released a cover B variant by renowned comic artist Carl Barks. Carl Barks is a legendary comic artist was the original comic artist for Donald Duck and many of Duck family characters. This Cover B variant has been selling for $10+.

Another book that has started to sell well recently is He-Man Masters of the Universe #18. This book features the first DC comic appearance of She-Ra*. This book started seeing interest after the She-Ra netflix show was announced, now that production art has been released this book has had multiple sales around $20.
*She-Ra does appear on a variant cover before this, but this is the first comic issue she appears in



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