Week in Review: May 19

This week there are two books to be looking for.

A book that has seen a lot of interesting this week is Champions #19. Champions #19 features the first appearance of Snowguard, a new female teenage Superhero. While most online marketplaces like Midtown Comics and Mycomicshop are sold out,  this book has been selling for $10+ on ebay.


Another book that came out this week that has been selling well is the new Aftershock Comic, A Walk Through Hell. This is a new Garth Ennis series and the A Walk Through Hell #1 Cover B, all black variant, has been selling for $10 to $15 online.


A few loose ends

Another book to look for is Image’s new series Infidel #1. This book started selling well after news came out that Infidel was being made into a movie.Infidel #1 has been selling for $10 plus.

Another image series that has been seeing some heat is Isola #1. This book has not had any media deals announced but both covers of this book have been selling for $8 to $12.

As interest grows for Image’s new series Magic Order it is worth noting the first appearance of this series is the very hard to find Magic Order ashcan. The Magic Order #1 (Out June 13 2018) is the first issue to the new Mark Millar Netflix book – the first netflix imprint comic that was given out through a lottery system at the 2018 C2E2 Comic Convention.

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