Oblivion Song #1 Pink Signature

When Skybound Comics announced Oblivion Song #1 we started to see speculation that we might see a pink signature chase variant. Skybound has done this twice previously with Walking Dead #171 and Redneck #6 and both of these were done by Oblivion Song artist Lorenzo De Felici. This week pink signature copies of Oblivion Song started popping up online in facebook selling groups and on ebay. Right now there are two copies on ebay, one is $250 Buy it now and the other is $200 buy it now.


Where did these come from?

Skybound Comics offered the pink signature variant as a buying incentive at their booth last weekend at the Wondercon Comic Convention. Anyone that purchased items at the Skybound booth above $25 received a copy of this variant. Skybound will be set up at several conventions over the next few months, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check to see if they are still offering copies.

Skybound Comics will be set up at C2E2 and SDCC just to name two.


UPDATE: Pink signature copies are showing up inside the Skybound Comics Megabox #6. This box can still be ordered at this link.

Check out this post from September about the Walking Dead #171 Pink signature variant

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