Week in Review: March 28

This week sees the release of Moon Girl #29. This book has already sold out at diamond and has been selling online for up to $10. Not a bad book to be looking for and picking up.


Another book that comes out this week that has sold out at the distributor level is Power Rangers #25. This issue sees the death of a very popular Power Rangers character. This book has several variants including a one-per store variant. There is a poly-bagged edition that features one of seven covers – one being a special chase, 1 in 25 variant cover. The poly-bag edition has been selling for $5 to $10 while the 1:25 variant has sold for $60 to $80.


ONE LAST PIECE OF BIG NEWS:  I recently started a Instagram account where I am going to try to post daily comic speculation updates. Be sure to check it out.

Happy Speculating!!!

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  • Picked up the Moon Girl today! Have followed you on IG – great idea to join. I actually buy a lot of my comics through IG now!

  • Sure am glad I didn’t get my copy of Moon Girl 29 because of garbage speculators.

    • Maybe start a pull list with your local comic store for the titles you’re interested in so you don’t end up feeling salty about missing out.

      • Douglas Waltz

        Shouldn’t have to. Just like my Local Comic Book Shop shouldn’t have to hold back half of their Wednesday releases so the vultures don;t swoop in, take it all and overprice it to death on ebay.

      • If you don’t have a pull list at your LCS you have no position to speak on a book selling out before you could find a copy. I posted this article after the book started to sell well and after it was already sold out at the distributor level. If you really wanted a copy you would have preordered one with a comic store.

  • Preorders? You’re one of those people? Ugh. Nevermind, you people can not be reasoned with. My apologies I had no idea.

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