Today saw the release of a new trailer for the upcoming Deadpool 2 film. In the trailer we are introduced to an unnamed character who Cable proclaims he is going to hunt and kill. There are a few theories about who this character is and I would like to explore them.

Screenrant pushed out an article on there website soon after the trailer was released with a casting theory that this unnamed character played by Julian Dennison is Kid Apocalypse. I think this would make the most sense. The First time we see Kid Apocalypse in comics is when a clone of him is introduced in Uncanny X-Force #4 from 2011 – this is the lowest print issue from this series and has always commanded a premium over other issues from this series. The book currently sells for $10 to $20 in near mint condition. The non-clone REAL Kid Apocalypse first appears in Uncanny X-Force #7. Both of these are good books to be sitting on.

Another theory that came out today from slashfilms is that Julian Dennison’s character is Armageddon Man. When it comes down to Kid Apocalypse or Armageddon Man I think it is more likely the character will be Kid Apocalypse – but there has still not been any confirmation either way. Armageddon Man first appears in X-Force #88 from 1999.

While I don’t think these books are going to become $30 books overnight, I do think they will see some increased interest over the next few weeks until we find out who these character really are.

Thank you John Brown, William Zachman and Gary Nusser.

Happy Speculating
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