Week in Review: November 28

This week sees the release of the Batman Annual #2, the second batman annual since DC Rebirth started. The Batman Annual #2 features a flashback story showing Batman and Catwoman’s first date. Batman Annual #2 has already sold out at Diamond, DC is already taking preorders from retailers for the second print and this book has multiple sales ranging from $15 to $30. This is the book to be looking for this week.
Many retailers have reported that most copies have unpressable spine defects. This is going to be a hard book to find in high grade.


Something to think about,

Teen Titans #12 has started selling for $20 to $30 because its the first appearance of The Joker who laughs. Both Teen Titans #12 and Metal #2 came out the same day, both books features the Joker who laughs character. The Joker who laughs was created by Scott Snyder who Snyder has stated that chronologically Metal #2 comes before Teen Titans #12. What does this mean? It means that Scott Snyder thinks Metal #2 is the first appearance of this new character. While everyone is hunting for Teen Titans #12, Metal #2 should not be slept on.

Happy Speculating
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