Brian Michael Bendis

There has not been a lot happening in regards to comic speculation these past few weeks but here is one book that just started to heat up.

Today it was announced that Brian Michael Bendis had signed a exclusivity contract with DC Comics. Bleedingcool was quick to point out that Batman Chronicles #21 (2000) was the first DC published work by Brian Michael Bendis.



This has resulted in most copies to disappear from most online marketplaces. Batman Chronicles #21 sold for a few dollars last week, today on ebay copies have sold from $2 to $10. Very rarely do first published works of established writers / artists hold in value, this is a book to be looking for and selling quickly.

Happy Speculating
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  • blind adam the comicpimp

    wow this is the sign that marvle is fucked rroyal. bendis is at d.c. don’t forget that this issue was reprinted in the batmant he greatest stories ever told volume 2 trades are back issues only with thicker spins that’s what she said
    love you guys blind adam out
    p.s. jimmy I gave you credit in todays podcast for
    jughead double diegest #176 1st toni tabaz

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