Week In Review: October 4

There is very little information about this Hot Topic Rick and Morty promotion. Before I get into it I would like to thank Sam Farrauto for posting about it on CBSI. A new promotional put on by Hot Topic (with very minimal advertising) is that if you purchase Rick and Morty merchandise equal to or above $25 you will receive a free copy of a newly printed Hot Topic variant for Rick and Morty #1. I am not sure what printing this would be considered, however, copies are already selling on ebay well above the $25 mark, with an average sale price between $30 and $60. There are currently several no-reserve auctions for this book that are also doing very well.  The Hot Topic website says this promotion is available in store AND online.

rick and morty

One other thing to keep note of this week is that the Ed Brubaker Steve Eptings Image series, Velvet has been optioned by the Paramount Network – who plan to have the series run on Spike TV.

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