Word?!?! Weed Magic #1

Brought to market by indie publisher Bliss on Tap, this week sees the release of the one-shot, Weed Magic #1, featuring a homage cover to Action Comics #1.

weed magic
Early last week Weed Magic #1 sold out at the distributor, which means first print copies are sold out and comic book stores are unable to order more copies. Like most Bliss on Tap titles, this book should have a low print run estimated to be around 10,000.

This year Bliss on Tap has released a few books that have heated up, however, all of these books while selling well on release and have cooled down right after, which is what happened with Hardcore Akan #1 and But Like Maybe #1. Based on this, I wouldn’t be holding on to any copies of Weed Magic #1 this is a book to be selling while the fire is hot. While this book has been receiving rave reviews, it is only a one-shot and Bliss on Tap has not announced any future issues.

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