I was wrong – SW: Battleworld #3 revisted

I posted about this two months ago, first on facebook and later in a footnote on a weekly post but I have been presented with some new information and I would like to make some corrections.

On June 24th in a post about Batch H I mentioned that the first time a wolverine / hulk cross-over character appeared was in Secret Wars: Battleworld #3. Although a Hulked out Wolverine appeared in the two part Hulked Out Heroes Marvel series from 2010, an earlier Hulk / Wolverine mashup character was pointed out by Topher S on CBSI. Exiles #86, released in 2006, features the story “Countdown to Infinite Wolverines” – and like Hulked out Heroes, this book presents us with many well known marvel characters mashed into new versions of wolverine – like the two previously mentioned books this book features a version of hulk -wolverine composite character. None of these characters are Batch H – but if you’re chasing the first appearance of a wolverine / hulk character – Secret Wars: Battleworld #3 is not the book.

Happy Speculating
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