Week in Review: August 10

Its never a bad thing when a book from one of the two biggest comic book publishers comes out and immediately starts selling well on the secondary market. This week saw the release of two alternative covers that are performing very well and a regular cover that is also seeing some attention.

When the image of the Supergirl #12 Artgerm cover b was released it got a lot of attention from speculators. This book started to heat up and sell for $12 while retailers could still order copies! The price has dropped a little bit as more copies have come to market outside of presale – The book is currently trending around $8 but there are a lot of copies out there.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 3.26.52 PM

Today there were three completed sales showing that another DC book from this week heating up. That book is DC’s Mister Miracle #1. This book is written by fan favorite Tom King and has already been getting rave reviews. This book has two covers both of which are selling above cover, one sale of both covers for $20, one sale of both covers for $30 and one sale for cover A for $10. These are books to be asking your LCS about. This is a 12 part mini-series that will most likely continue to heat up while more issues come out.

Another book that was released this week that seems to be getting some attention and was posted on CHU is the new Action Lab series, Toyetica #1 has had multiple sales above $10 on ebay.

Happy Speculating
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