Word!?! Robotech #1 Cover A

This week was very light with new releases but one book sticks out as the clear winner.
This week saw the release of Titan’s new Robotech series. Robotech has been around since 1984, being brought to America from Japan in the first English language Manga book, Roor Macross #1. Robotech has a large following with various literature, toys, and video games.

The Cover A for Robotech #1 features a cover by Artgerm (Stanley Lau) and has been selling online for up to $12 – with an average sale price of $10. This is a book to be asking your local comic book store about as most online retailers are sold out of copies.


Also worth noting are the Artgerm retailer variants for Robotech. Unknown Comics and Forbidden Planet / Jetpack Comics both have variants that use alternative coloring of the original cover A. The Unknown Comics has two variants a “copic” and a “pencils sketch” cover while the Forbidden Planet / Jetpack variant features an “alternative line art” cover featuring a new character in the background. If the cover A continues to do well these covers should follow suit.

The Alternative Line Art covers are on both the Jetpack Comics and Forbidden Planet websites – however, it is cheaper on the Forbidden Planet site.
The Unknown Comics variants are available here.

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