Hollyweird: Week in Review June 20

Two things to be thinking about this week

This week sees the release of The “Swordquest Earthworld Classic Atari mini-comic” from Dynamite and Atari Comics. Swordquest is the first Atari property that Dynamite has turned into a comic book. Swordquest #0 debuted last month (at 25 cents!!) and this week sees the release of Swordquest #1.
The book to be looking for is the 1:10 ashcan / Mini Comic. For every 10 regular copies of Swordquest #1 that a retailer orders they receive ONE of the Swordquest mini-comics. This mini-comic (featuring a cover by George Perez) is a reprint of the original 1982 DC Mini Comic. Swordquest #1 should have a high print run in comparison to other Dynamite comics, but it would still be low compared to Marvel and DC books. The print run for issue #1 should be higher than most issue #1 Dynamite comics, just based on the 25 cent issue #0 that came out last month, but this mini comic will have 1/10 of the print run of the regular series. This is the book to be hunting for this week.


Another book to be thinking about this week is a Marvel Graphic Novel from the 80s. Bleedingcool wrote an article today saying Dave Cockrum’s creator owned property, the Futurians was being developed for a new comic and a TV series or a movie, with Rob Liefeld taking the reigns. I didn’t see anywhere in Patty Cockrum (Dave Cockrum’s wife and executive of Dave Cockrum’s estate) statement where any TV show or movie was confirmed but it does appear as if that is what the Cockrum estate is trying to push for.
Right now the only thing that has been confirmed is Rob Liefeld working on a new comic series for the Futurians. The Futurians first appeared in Marvel Graphic Novel 9 – a book that typically sells for under $10. With the Cockrum estate pushing the property this would be a great book to be buying and holding on to.

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Happy Speculating
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