Hollywood Daze: Spider-Man Homecoming

There has been a lot of speculation on how the “Michelle” character from the the new spider-man homecoming film fits into the marvel universe. Today it was confirmed through a few media websites who the Michelle character is. According to Movieweb.com – a group of people were able to acquire the novelization form of  Spider-Man Homecoming. This book tells the entire plot of the new spider-man film, and in it, it reveals that Michelle’s full name is Michelle Tommes.

Why is this important?
The main villain in the upcoming spider-man film is the Vulture, real name, Adrian Tommes. All signs point to Michelle Tommes being the daughter of Vulture.

In the Marvel comic universe, Adrian Tommes does have a daughter and she eventually joins S.H.I.E.L.D. where she ends up fighting her dad. Is this what we can expect in the new Spider-Man film?

I can’t find any links to a Michelle Tommes in the Marvel universe, but , Vulture only has one daughter and the likely hood of them both having the same last name combined with Marvel being so secretive about how Michelle fits into the film there is almost no doubt she is the daughter of Vulture.

In the comic book universe, Adrian Tommes daughter is Valeria Tommes. She has only appeared in a handful of comics and her first appearance came in 2004. Her first appearance is currently selling for $1 and depending on how this character develops this could be a great book to be holding onto.

The first appearance of this character is Identity Discs #1.
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Happy Speculating
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