Hollywood Daze: Niobe

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It was announced this week by Joshua Cozine, Editor and Chief of Stranger Comics that the comic book, Niobe she is life, was being developed for the small screen. While working on negotiations with a major TV network for the past few months Stranger was recently approached by five other networks who were also interested in the property, leading to a bidding war.  All of this falling on the coat tails of the launch of the Niobe Volume 2 kickstarter. Niobe was one of the first successful titles from Stranger Comics, so the first appearance of the characters, and its various covers that came out before Niobe #1 have smaller print runs, here are the books to be looking for.

Untamed A Sinner’s Prayer #1 – This is the first appearance of Niobe. There is also a ratio variant cover that will be sought after as well as a limited to 250 copies.
Niobe #1 Hokness Variant Cover, Limited to 100 copies
Niobe #1 1:5 Variant cover
Niobe #1


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