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Two Hollywood comic book connections to talk about this week.

Today Jim Zub announced on his facebook page that his creator owned series Wayward, had been optioned by Manga Entertainment for “development in television as a Japanese animated or live action series”. Which means a Wayward TV show is in development for a Japanese audience.

What does this mean long term? Will the comic buying market care? I’m not sure. But a few things to keep in mind, Wayward had a very low print run (just under 30,000) – this print run was split up with four different covers. On top of the 4 regular covers, Wayward had 6 retailer variant covers. The cover that would be the one to watch is the Steve Cummings and Tamara Bonvillain Black and White Phantom Variant. There were two phantom variants and this one had a 500 print run, the lowest of all the covers for Wayward.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 8.45.24 PM

One other thing to think about, which I outlined here  is the Japanese “Manga” Edition of Wayward. This book was published a full month before the image release of Wayward #1, and it was sold at a Manga and Comic Book Convention in Japan with only 300 copies being made with 50 copies being brought to North America. You can read more about it here, but this is the first appearance of Wayward and since release had been a sought after item.

Another title that has started to see attention because of optioning is the early 90s indie series, Razor from London Knight Studios. A few days ago it was announced that Rob Cohen would direct the Razor film adaptation. This coming four years after Razor was first optioned. This has resulted in a lot of attention for Razor #1 issues . Razor, if you didn’t know is a classic $1 book. A title that was hyped in the 90’s but became worthless in the 1990s comic book crash.
If you want to spec on this title there is only one London Knight Studios book you should be looking for, the first appearance of the character and title. Razor first appeared in the limited to 300, Razor 1991 Tour Edition. (as pointed out by David Unlikely on CBSI)
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Happy Speculating
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