Week in Review April 25

I’m going to do a post about the things I missed last week tomorrow, so be on the look out for that.

At C2E2 Over the weekend it was announced that Tim Seeley and Mike Norton’s Revival is being adapted into a film by Shattlerglass Films. A Teaser was shown. As a result Revival #1s have started to sell again! Two things to keep note of, the Revival #1 Sketch edition only has 500 copies and is a great book to be looking for and holding on to, The first appearance of Revival is Image 2012 Free Comic Book Day Edition book.


Skybound / Image Comics released THREE retailer appreciation books this week that you should be asking your retailer about. The first is the Kill the Minotaur Ashcan. This is a one per store ashcan and is the first published appearance of this series and characters, its a very large book that reprints the entire issue in black and white in the ashcan size.


The other two books Image released are reprints of Redneck #1, one is the Black and White Cover A with Silver Foil Logo and the other is a Cover A with Gold Foil logo. While these books together have sold online in presale for up to $250, these books are currently selling for $40 each. Since these books are given to every store with a diamond account that ordered the book there will be a lot of copies out there this week.

If you want to speculate on Redneck the book you should be buying is the ashcan. This book came out before issue #1 and is the TRUE first appearance of the series and characters – this book can be purchased on ebay for $40 to $50, which is a steal when you consider the high price sales of the gold and silver foil variants.

Another book to be on the lookout for tomorrow is ‘Namwolf #1. Springing from the success of Hillbilly, ‘Namwolf is another series published by Eric Powell’s Albatross Legacy Books, this book has two covers and both covers have multiple sales above cover. There is no ratio variant just a cover A and B.


Happy Speculating
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