Word?!? Redneck #1

It seems these last few months Image has been on a roll with its new titles. This week sees the release of Redneck #1 from the Image imprint Skybound Comics. This book has sold out at the distributor and is already selling for $10 to $15 online. This series is the second Image series from God Country writer Donny Cates so this book should not have been under ordered. There is also an ashcan variant for Redneck that came out a few weeks ago. Average sale for the ashcan last week $15 to $20 – average sale this week $35 to $40. Definitely a book to be looking for this week.

A book that came out last week that you should be looking for is Godshaper #1. Godshaper #1 had three covers, A,B and an Unlocked bonus cover. An unlocked bonus cover is what Boom calls qualifier variants where a retailer has to order a certain amount of cover A to order as many copies as they want of the unlocked cover. The unlocked cover for Godshaper #1 features artwork by David Aja and is selling online for $10.


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  • Thank you for all the help you given out over the years. I’m going to be looking for the piece you did in 2015 on the Skybound Surprise Box with Walking Dead items inside. I bought 2-boxes myself and I thought I’d wait until X-Mass to open them but i forgot em until recently.

    I hope there was no time sensitive offers
    inside. I know you bought a few boxes and had an unboxing. I’m wondering if you found anything that made it all worth while.

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