Week in Review April 10

An Italian twitter account tweeted out last Thursday that Sylvester Stallone will be playing Starhawk in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. They also provided screen shots of an Italian press release “proving” the claim. This has resulted in Starhawk’s first and second appearance to heat up online. Starhawks first appearance is Defenders #27 from 1975. This is regarded as a cameo appearance – however, Starhawk appears throughout the book and this is a very large cameo. Starhawks FULL first appearance and first appearance on a cover is Defenders #28. Both books have heated up considerably – but these books are still at obtainable prices in the wild.

Another book to look for is the recent Marvel event book X-Men Gold #1. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this book this week due to the artist adding hidden political and religious messages within the book. (Read more about that here) – This book has started selling for $10 to $15 on ebay. This book has not been recalled – but it is definitely a book to be looking for. (the variants are also performing well)

As promised here is a break down of the characters in the Invincible that could show up in the Invincible movie.

Amber Bennett – Ex-Girlfriend of Invincible. She is featured prominently in the first few arcs of the Invincible comic series. First appearance Invincible #8.
Guardians of the Globe – Pretty much the Justice League of the Invincible Universe. The movie should be featuring this organization in some incarnation so the likely hood of these characters appearing in the film are very high.
Robot – Turns out of be kind of like a side-kick to Invincible – First appearance Invincible #2
Red Splode – Invincible #2
Dupli-Kate – Invincible #2
Allen – Invincible #5
Black Samson – Invincible #6
The Immortal – Invincible #7
Cecil Steadman – Head of Global Defense Agency – and Guardians of the Globe – First appearance –  Brit: Cold Breath
A few other characters that could appear are Anissa, D.A. Sinclair and Omni Boy. Anissa’s first appearance is Invincible #44 she plays a big role in the Invincible story line. D.A. Sinclair’s first appearance is Invincible #20 – he is a scientist / genius that creates killing machines to destroy Invincible. Omni Boy / Oliver Grayson – is Invincibles brother. He first appears in Invincible #26.

Did I miss a character? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Speculating
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