Week in Review: April 4

Today news came out that the Robert Kirkman Image Comics series Invincible was being adapted into a film by Seth Rogan and his writing partner Evan Goldberg. As a result of this news Invincible #1s have been selling like hot cakes but there are a few other books you should also be looking for .

Invincible #1 first appeared as a preview in three Image Comics titles, Savage Dragon #102, Masters of the Universe #1 and Tech Jacket #1. While there has been debate about which preview was published first making it the first appearance it all comes down to release dates. Tech Jacket #1 was released in late October, Masters of the Universe #1 was released in November, Savage Dragon #102 had a planned release date of August but was delayed and came out in December as shown on the Diamond Website under Shipping This Week: December 4. The First appearance of Invincible is in the preview in the back of Tech Jacket #1. This is the book you should be looking for.

Thank you Joshua Cozine for the correction.
A previous version of this article stated Savage Dragon #102 was the first appearance of Invincible #1. I was wrong and apologize for this error. All complaints made in the comic section will be responded to. 

There are other books to look for in the Invincible run that include first appearances of key characters and I plan on doing a follow-up post with some of that information.

There were two pieces of news that came out last week that I would like to talk about .

News came out last week that Joss Whedon will be directing a Batgirl movie for Warner Brothers. Since this news broke the one book that seems to be steadily selling online is  Batgirl #1 from 2011. This book (and all of its printings) seems to be constantly selling for $20. The first print Adam Hughes cover could be a book to be holding onto as this project starts to develop and more news (like castings) starts coming out.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 8.49.57 PM
Another thing to come out of the comic spectrum this week was Greg Rucka selling the movie rights of his new Image title, The Old Guard, to a production studio. This has resulted in the first print of The Old Guard #1 to sell for $10 online. There was also a one per store Gold Foil Logo cover released that has started to sell for $30 which is up $20 from before the news broke.

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