Week in Review: February 15

Not a lot happening this week. I am still taking tips for speculation through e-mail and I credit everyone that gives me information.
If for some reason you think I owe you credit – do not hesitate to contact me at Hiphopfcomics@gmail.com

This was first brought up on the CBSI Google+ page by  UltraMaximus.

Out this week and already selling well is the second printing of Gods Country #1.

Some stores are reporting that they were allocated copies, which means that Diamond didn’t fulfill the stores complete order and only partially filled it – which means the book is already sold out at Diamond and the demand is greater then the print run.
This book can still be found in the wild but online this book is starting to sell for $10! Long term this book might not hold its value. God’s Country is only two issues so far and sales trends of Gods Country #1 show in the past few weeks the book has started trending down (Average sale price on ebay January 11 $16.99. Average sale price February 15 $12) -which puts Gods Country #1 second print in the quick flip category.

If you can find copies list them fast and don’t look back.

Happy Speculating
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