Week in Review January 4

This is my first post of the year and there is really only one book this week that you should be looking for.
Underworld: Blood Wars is a graphic novel sized comic that came out this week from Darkstorm Comics. This book has already sold out at the distributor and is becoming harder and harder to find online. This book has a 50/50 cover and both covers are photo covers promoting the film of the same name that was released to theaters this week.
Cover A has already sold online for $20 while the Cover B “Variant Cover” has sold for $30.

If early film reviews of Underworld: Blood Wars says anything its that you should not be holding on to this book.

Here are a few things I should have talked about last week but didn’t.

love is love came out last week and immediately started selling for $40, this was of course before retailers realized they had received second printings. Due to printing error that has been reported by almost every speculation site except mine, Love is Love seconds prints shipped out before the first prints to North America retailers. The second print has cooled down and is currently selling for $20+ while the few copies of the first print that have hit stores are selling for $35 to $40.
This book is being totted as the first appearance of Harry Potter but its really just a pin-up that was approved by Harry Potter writer J.K. Rowling and CGC has decided not to indicate this book as the first appearance of Harry Potter on the comic book label.
Is there speculation value here? I would advice you to sell now and not hold onto this book. Long term this book is not going to be sought after.

Another book that has seen some interest is the new Saga comic book issue #41. This book due to a printing error where the book was printed too dark was recalled by the distributor and publisher. Now while this book is not currently selling well, this book will do well term in high grade CGC or CBCS copies. There is a market for recalled book, it just happens to be small.

Happy Speculating
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