Week in Review December 21

I’m talking about two books this week and they’re both variants.
The first one came out last week and I didn’t talk about it because honestly I didn’t realize it existed. Last week saw IDW release two Transformers Universe books, Optimus Prime #1 which I spoke about last week, and Lost Light #1. Both featured high ratio Paul Pope variant covers – and as with all transformers comic books, most retailers did not order this title or ordered very low quantities not qualifying them to receive the high ratio variants which has already drive up the price.

Two copies of The Lost Light #1 1:50 variant sold this week for $140 to $150. This book is on fire with no where to go but up and its definitely a book that should be on your radar.


A book that came out this week that you should be looking for is the 1:25 Marco Checchetto Gamora #1 variant cover. This book is starting to sell for $50 which is great for a 1:25 incentive variant cover. While this book will probably not hold at this price its a great book to be looking for this week for the quick flip.


Happy Speculating
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