Week in Review: November 2

There is not a lot of talk about this week – Here are a two books that came out this month to be looking for at your Local Comic Book Store.

Antartic Press’s new Presidential coloring book seems to be a hit on ebay. With a cover price of $3.99 this book has been selling for $1o to $15 on ebay. This book is probably at your LCS and can still be ordered off the Antartic Press website for cover price. This book has a very cool Hulk 181 swipe cover so it could have legs down the road.


Another book that has started to see some hype is Mockingbird #8. This is the last issue of the Mockingbird series and has caused what appears to be faux outrage. This book has been selling for $12 to $20 and because the book was such a slow seller is very easy to find in the wild.



Happy Speculating
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