Biased Click-Bait Plug

The following is pretty much an advertisement that has very little if nothing at all to do with comic book speculation.

Through my new variant retailer, HipHopf Comics, I have partnered with the Google+ Group CBSI to launch a new Animosity variant cover for the third issue of the series.


This cover, by Mike Rooth, is a Harambe Benefit cover. Haramabe was a silver-back gorilla that died in May of this year and caused an uproar online. All proceeds from this cover are going to benefit both the Ontario Humane Society and the Virunga National Park. The Virunga National park is in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is where 1/4 of the 880 worldwide Mountain gorilla population live.


We are doing a print-run of 50 black and white copies and 200 colour copies and selling 40 sets of both comics starting on Friday October 14 at 12:00 PM exclusively on Sets will be $55 each plus shipping.


Happy Speculating
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