Now that New York Comic Con is in full swing a lot of comic announcements have been made that are ripe for speculation, here are a few that caught my eye.

First day of the Convention we heard that Dark Horse Comics Freaks of the Heartland was in production with MTV for a television series we also heard that Polarity from Boom was optioned for development but the big announcements started coming in the second day of the convention.

A Howard the Duck Deadpool series as rumored by Bleedingcool a few weeks ago was officially announced at Marvel’s retailer breakfast (shout out to CHU and Mel V). Coming in January Marvel plans to start publishing the five part mini-series, Deadpool the Duck.  The deadpool market is very saturated, whats next Deadpool the cosplay cat?
This is only worth mentioning because the first appearance of Deadpool as Howard the Duck – Deadpool Kills Deadpool #3 –  has started trending online – selling from $10 to $25 on ebay. This book will probably fall ball to earth around the $5 to $10 range but right now is a good time to be going to your LCS and looking for this book.


Day three of the convention (Saturday) came a few bigger announcements starting with Scout Comics unveiling its line-up of new books for 2017. Based on the success of previous Scout Comics properties this is one to being paying attention to. Scout Comics has published three crowd funded comics with very successful outcomes, Henchgirl, Once Our land and Girrion. Of the four new titles announced by Scout Comics one was previously crowdfunded through Patreon and first printings are still available. This title is Little Guardians. If Scout Comics track record is any indication of future speculation this is a book to be picking up now! Found here.


Something to look forward to is my NYCC Wrapup Part 2 including the Iron Fist speculation Netflix speculation!

ALSO Make sure to check out Sad Lemon Comics! Run by Simon Payne the UK’s Speculation equivalent to Christ.

Happy Speculating
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  • Thank You for the Updates, Lord Linguini. 🙂 Hope you are having a Grand Time at NYCC.

    The Scout announcements are very exciting, Yes?

  • Hey! Henchgirl was not a crowd-funded comic! The creator is my girlfriend, believe me, she funded it from her own wallet and her dayjob paychecks and the money she would make back selling it. She has never done crowdfunding!

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