Two books to look out for this week

Matt Hawkins posted on his facebook page wednesday night that we were about to see a Hollywood related announcement surrounding his creator owned series, Postal. The book almost immediately started selling for double cover price. Today the Hollywood Reporter broke the story that Postal was being put in “development” by Hulu. Now Postal #1 has started selling for $10 to $30 in near mint condition – also trending are the cover B and 1 in 10 ratio variant cover. All three covers are great books to be looking for.

Another book to look for is the newly released Rick Remender Image series, Seven to Eternity. This book, released this week, has been receiving stellar reviews – but whats more noteworthy is what the book has been selling for. Already sold out at Diamond and going slated for a second print – all four covers of the first print, Seven to Eternity #1, are selling for $11 on ebay! That’s more than double cover price and your local comic book store more than likely still has copies!


Happy Speculating
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