Another rumor that just hit the internet about the DC universe involves the Green Lantern and helps reinforce some of those reddit rumors. Moviecreedlive and several other websites are reporting that Luke Evans is currently in talks with DC to play Sinestro in the Green Lantern Corps film (to be released in 2020). While this doesn’t really effect the price of wine as the first appearance of Sinestro (Green Lantern Volume 2 #7 is already a silver age staple) there is more information in this rumor to explore.


Part of this new DC rumor states that the film will explore different Lantern Corps and will include the Sinestro rival, Atrocitus. Why is this important? Atrocitus was created in 2005 by Geoff Johns. This is a great book to find in the wild and since the breaking of this news it has become harder and harder to find online. Atrocitus first appearances in two page panel in Green Lantern (2005) #25 and later appears in Green Lantern (2005) #28. Both of these books have great potential if this rumor proves to be true.


One thing I forgot to talk about in my last post is that you should be looking for the first appearance of the New Warriors. Since Marvel is developing a New Warriors television series it would be a no brainer to start picking up copies of Thor #411 and Thor #412 – the first partial and first full appearance of the characters – both of these books are very undervalued at the moment.



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