First off, shout out to Mitch Nash for correcting my Batman Joker post yesterday!

As SDCC continues to spew out comic book news we have two announcements to note and one book that came out this week that you should be looking for.

Continuing the premature finale of Comedy Central’s Brickleberry, this week saw the release of Dynamites new four part series, Brickelberry #1 :ArMOOgedon. This series touches upon what happened to the cast of Brickelberry after they had all been abducted by aliens (as seen on the series finale). This book is sold out at the distributor and is currently selling above $15 online with every online retailer selling comics at cover out of stock. This is a book that is still possibly at your local comic book store and can earn you easy money.


Straight out of SDCC comes the news that the Russo Brothers (Captain America: Civil War) are bringing Deadly Class to the small screen. Deadly Class #1 regular cover is currently selling above $20 and the variant covers are all trending above that. There are still deals to be found on this book. The CBLDF cover is still available for $10 plus shipping and the FP variant is also available. Both of these covers sell on eBay for at least twice as much as they are being offered on their respective websites.deadly-class-01Greg Rucka’s Black Magick has also been optioned to be on the small screen, but that book is currently not trending upwards. However, this is a good book to be looking for and holding on to. Happy Speculating
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