Week in Review July 17

Everything has been quite here the last few days, but rest assured there are a lot of posts coming your way this week!

There is still a lot of money to be made on store and regional variants, but it’s about picking the right ones. There was some buzz about the GameStop Harley Quinn #29 Variant, it features a new cover and has both a color and black and white edition, with the black and white edition only available to people using GameStops customer appreciation reward points.

Screen shot 2016-07-17 at 10.35.39 PM

Last week every GameStop store received one copy of the color variant and there was some talk about it being a one per store variant and it started selling for $30! Well that book is not a one per store variant as it is available in very large quantities on the GameStop website for $2.99! The book has dropped in price quite a bit but is still averaging about $10 to $15. It can be purchased for $2.99 here.

Another book that has seen a lot of interest this week is Scout Comics Solarman #1. This book has been announced by the publisher to already be in development for a movie (announced in April). A few websites picked up on that news this week and the book has started to take off, selling for $20 to $25 in eBay presales.

Solarman is the reinvention of the 1989 Solarman Marvel series.In the Scout series they change the title character, Solarman (same name in the Marvel Universe as the new Scout Comics, Ben Tucker into an African-American computer hacker. The First appearance of Ben Tucker is in 1989’s Solarman #1, however it has seen no speculative interest and can still be found on ebay for $3. There are a lot of people with wishful thinking that this will be the next big pay-off book. It won’t be. This book currently screams Niobe, which is a book that did very well upon release but fell in value weeks later. (Niobe #1 currently sells for under $5!)
There is money to be made if you can secure copies for this title but do not hold onto them. This is an example of a terrible trend occurring in the comic market. First Print copies of this title can still be found on the Scout Comics website at cover price. Sorry Sold Out

Scout Comic’s two part series Once Our Land #1 is also coming out this week and guess what?! Its selling for $10 to $15 in presale! This book is still available for cover price (3.99!) on the Scout Comics website!



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