Hollyweird: BEFORE SDCC

It’s the week before SDCC also known as the “big multimedia” Every publisher announcing new titles and media deals convention.

A book that has been seeing a lot of love this week is Plutona #1. It was announced this week that Jeff Lemire and Emi Lenox’s Plutona was being developed by Wayward Point Entertainment for the big screen.


This book was still available on Diamond when this was announced and now the book has started selling for $10! With CGC 9.8 copies hitting $40 and CGC signature series copies hitting upwards of $100! This is a book to be looking for as it can still be found in many back issue bins! (Plutona first appears in Image Preview 2015 July book. This book has been selling for $3 and has a cover price of $1. Historically there hasn’t been a lot of speculation value to these Image preview books in the aftermarket.)

Another title that has been optioned by a Hollywood Studio for a film that was announced today is Mouse Guard. Mouse Guard has been rumored for some time to be a book with a lot of potential for eventual development. First published in 2o05, Mouse Guard is set in a world of mice who live in a medieval setting, very kid friendly in the vein of Bone. Mouse Guard is being developed and produced by Matt Reeves (10 Cloverfield Lane) with a script by Gary Whitta the screenwriter of the upcoming Star Wars: Rouge One. So there are two books to be looking for, one of which is a ghost. Mouse Guard #1 was first published as a David Peterson self-published book under the now defunct Comixpress publisher. It came out in May of 2005 featuring black and white interiors and has a print run of 200 to 250. A CGC 9.2 copy sold for $1350 today – which has been the current market value of the book before the announcement! (another CGC 9.2 Qualified Signature copy sold for $1009 last year!). If production continues of this Mouse Guard film project, the ComixPress #1 has the potential of holding double the value of the Walking Dead #1!

The Comixpress Edition is on the left. Notice the $3.00 price tag – (also the back covers are noticeably different)


After this book came out, David Peterson signed with Archaia Studios and Mouse Guard was republished and continued on a bi-monthly schedule. The Archaia Mouse Guard #1 ended up having four different printings. However, the first print has a print run of just under 6,000! (published in February of 2006) The Archaia edition is also the first time Mouse Guard was published in color! This book, while it doesn’t sell for nearly as much as the Comixpress edition, still has a lot of potential for growth.

BIG THANKS TO Brian Springman For his help!

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