Week of July 9 – Marvel Now

This week has been absorbed with speculation on the new Marvel Now Universe, mostly surrounding new Iron-Man, RiRi Williams. Her first appearance (Invincible Iron-man #7 2016) has steadily been selling for $30 to $40 (shes building the Iron-Man Suit) – the issue where she puts on the suit for the first time is also doing considerably well selling for $15 to $20. (Invincible Iron-Man #9).

There has also been a lot of movement with Marvel’s new Vision series, The Vision #1 introduces Viv – Visions Daughter – and she just joined the newly announced Marvel The Champions team. Her First appearance, The Vision #1 (2015) – has been selling for $10 but trending upwards.

There has been a lot of traction with these new characters marvel has been introducing. Right now there is a book that is kind of under the radar but introduces a new Marvel Now character that seems to already be a big part of the Marvel Universe.

Meet Miranda.

Screen shot 2016-07-09 at 9.22.30 AM.png

From this Excerpt (X-Men: Worst X-Man #5) – this new character, Miranda, has been credited for bringing back Bucky, Changing Nick Fury, and keeping the Avengers Young. Has the watcher been reborn? Either way, Marvel clearly has big plans for this character, first introduced in X-Men: Worst X:Man #3 – This is a book to be looking for as its already sold out online and the only auction currently on ebay is a $25 Buy-it-now. This is a book that you can still find in the wild and has a lot of potential to be the RiRi Williams of next week.


Happy Speculating
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  • all new wolverine 2 features First app of X23’s sisters. Gabby is now a series regular second prints and firsts are starting to trend up above cover.

    • Seems to be at $10 on ebay? INSANITY! Thanks for the headsup! Really questioning the validity of X23 having sisters though. I am very happy I gave up on marvel after they killed the Punisher and RUINED the ending of Frankencastle.

      Monster Island turns a Dr. frankenstein Monster into a man I think not.

  • Glad that Worst X-Men 3 is starting to gain traction. It is a good book. Copies sold out after we posted about it in July 1 https://comicsheatingup.net/2016/07/01/what-if-all-the-inconsistencies-in-the-marvel-universe-could-be-explained-in-three-pages/ I ended up reading an X-Men book for the first time in a long time

    • I read your article and thought about the potential of Miranda going forward. A LCS by me is a semi new one who doesn’t get too much traction but enough to get by and make some money. He always has htf issues in stock on his shelf, so I was able to grab issue 3 and some other htf hot comics. While talking to him about Miranda (who I believe could be another form and appearance of “The One Above All,” taken from what she claims responsibility for), another character came to mind that could have good spec potential : Kobik and “her” first sentient appearance in Avengers Standoff: Welcome to Pleasant Hill. Think about her power potential and how she could shape the marvel u going forward. We are already seeing what she has done to Captain America Steve Rogers and seems to be very important down the road.

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