Book to Look for: Hillbilly #1

After a fairly lengthy absence from the publication scene and after bringing his Goon monthly series to Dark Horse Comics, Eric Powell has relaunched his creator-owned Comic publishing imprint, Albatross Funnybooks. A company that has been very quiet since the publishing of Chimichanga in early 2010.

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Last week, Under the Albatross Funnybooks label, Powell released the first issue of what he describes of the publishers new “flagship” book – Hillbilly #1. It appears as if Powell has moved on from the Goon title in the comic medium and is focusing on the development of the Goon film, which makes Hillbilly the new character you’ll be seeing Powell write and draw. With two more issues already solicited in diamond and a proposed 12 issues first arc, Hillbilly #1 could have some legs long term.

Hillbilly #1 is currently selling for a few dollars above cover and is trending upwards with one or two sales hitting the $10 mark. Hillbilly #1 has great speculation potential for both the quick flip and the long term hold.

UPDATE FROM MY LAST POST: EB Games Corporate has told all stores to stop selling the Deadpool Cowboy Funkos until July 12. So if you have any, sell them now, because this is a sign that larger quantities are soon to be released both through EB Games and Gamestop (USA).

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