Oh Word? Silver Sable

Here’s a book that has been selling for $10 to $15 for the past few months, Amazing Spider-Man #265 – The first appearance of the Silver Sable. However, today the book has been selling for quite a bit more.  Today Amazing Spider-Man #265 has been selling for $25 to $30 with three CGC 9.8 sales. One sold for just under $100, Later one sold for $125, after that one sold for $200. So Why the sudden interest in the Silver Sable?

In a recent interview (June 23), Tom Rothman, Sony Movie Chief, stated he was planning on building a Spider-Man Universe with Marvel. Since Sony and Marvel have recently come to arrangements with each other over the rights of Spider-Man it seems some of Sony’s previously leaked plans (in the hacked Sony E-mails) might still be in play.

When Sony’s studio was hacked and all of their private e-mails released to the public most fans focused on the big news that Spider-Man would be appearing in Civil War. However, some fans also found e-mails talking about Sony’s Plans on doing a solo Silver Sable film in the Spider-Man Universe through building a Spider-Man cinematic Universe at Sony. Most of this was thought to have been scrapped when the news that Sony was giving the rights to Spider-Man back to Marvel was announced, however, it appears that Sony still has plans for building this new Spider-man Cinematic Universe. As Confirmed by Jeff Snider on his podcast  Meet the Movie Press, Sony is still working on a solo Silver Sable film and are even trying to sign screen writer Abi Morgan onto the project.

I would expect to be hearing about the Silver Sable for some time as this book has no where to go but up. There is also a second printing (it has a silver cover) that should see an increase in interest.

The Aspen Justice League #1 Variant Cover featuring art by Micheal Turner and featuring a Black and White Sketch cover goes on presale Sunday June 26 at 9 am Pacific on Aspencomic.com – Like the Aspen Batman #1 This book will be in high demand upon release and will sell out on prerelease. Don’t sleep on this!

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  • With another “Marvel Now” initiative coming, it’ll be interesting to note if they reintroduce Silver Ssble in a storyline. It’ll beck big clue. Especially with the “Dead No More” storyline emerging.

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