Oh Word? Pilot Season Demonic #1?

Something that went under the radar when first announced but seems to have picked up some steam is Demonic #1 from 2009. Demonic was one of the Topcow Pilot Season titles, which were five different #1 issues from Kirkman and Silvestri with the intention of continuing one title based on public opinion and voting. Hardcore was one of the other titles in the 2009 Pilot Season run. Skybound announced last month that they were picking up the Demonic title with a new creative team of Chris Sebela with art by Nico Walter and Dan Brown. Comichron reports the original Pilot Season: Demonic #1 had a print run of under 10,000 – which is probably what has resulted in the title currently selling for $20 to $25 in VF+/NM- condition. This is a book to look for – but don’t look at it as something with any holding value, this book only has quick flip potential.


Another book to look for is the Pilot Season 2009 #1 – This book was already HEAVILY speculated on as it was the first appearance of Hardcore. Well it also happens to feature a preview for Demonic making it the first appearance of Demonic. Like Demonic #1, this book is also starting to pick up steam.



Happy Speculating
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