Week In Review June 19

This has been a weird week. This week Justice League 51 came out and some stores reported receiving weird variant covers (as first written by Comic book Invest).

This “weird variant” was a Justice League #51 with the solicited cover of Justice League #52. This book was rumored to have been shipped to stores whom have reported damages to Diamond early Monday. However, this is just a rumor. Also, all Justice League #52 copies received at Barnes and Nobles in the US received these Justice League #51 variant covers, except they have the $4.99 price tag (comic store copies have a $3.99 price). While this book had started selling for up to $150, it has now started to cool off selling around $40, which isn’t bad for a $3.99 or $4.99 book.

Does this book have any further potential or will it continue to fall down in price? This book, like the Rai #2 Mask Variant, has been recalled by the distributor giving it long term value.

X23 continues to dominate eBay back-issue sales. Two books very attainable in the wild are X-Men #450 / #451 – the first meeting of X23 and Wolverine. These books together seem to fetch upwards of $35 in near mint condition and if X23 does appear in the new Wolverine film (all signs point to no) this book will have great long term power.

These two books were reprinted together included with the 2001 X23 Marvel Legends Collector Action Figure making it very hard to find in high grade.

Happy Speculating and Remember not to give any of your hard earned money to Larrys Comics.
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