This week news came out about who the apparent villain in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy sequel. This character has been hinted at appearing in the past however now we have confirmation. The reveal being that the villain will be Kismet AKA Paragon AKA Ayesha – but more known as “her” – the female warlock. Adam Warlock was suggested as appearing in the films and this confirms that something is happening with his character – as both characters were designed in labs by the same person. An argument could be made that they are a family unit that will be appearing together in the upcoming film. Details haven’t completely come out yet as to how the character will be used but there are more than a few books to be looking for based on this news.

My Adam Warlock GOTO and run-down books to look for-post can be found here.

Ayesha (or Her) first appeared in Hulk Annual #6 as Paragon (1977) and appeared as “Her”, the female answer to Adam Warlock’s “Him”,  in 1980’s Marvel 2-in-1 #61. Both of these books seem to be heating up online but can still be found for reasonable prices in the wild (just like the recent Justice League villain news of New Gods #7).


Another book that has been heating up quite considerably online in the past few days is the recent 2016 Marvel now – Captain America #1.

Screen shot 2016-06-02 at 10.21.49 PM

This book reveals that Captain America was actually a Hydra agent this entire time, which as you can imagine, has created a lot of outrage and calls for boycotts towards Marvel and the Marvel brand. Unsurprisingly, this book has gone to a third printing (remember ASM #1 of 2015 went to 7 printings) – and VERY surprisingly this book has started to heat up online. Selling on average $20 to $25 with some peak sales about $35 – and that is the regular cover – the variant covers are also selling for top dollar. This is a book that can still be found in the wild (it came out last week!) – so if you can find copies… it has great speculation value.

Happy Speculating
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