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Here are some books you should be looking for…


It seems that the way the current Walking Dead storyline is going, Alpha is a character we’re going to be hearing about a lot. Alpha’s first appearance has also started to heat up in the past two or three months – Walking Dead #132 (First Cameo appearance) has been selling for $15 to $20 online and seems to be trending upwards.

Some more recent books that are heating up include the new Z2 Comics title Legend. With the first issue, Legend #1, selling for double cover. Bleedingcool talked about this book a few weeks ago when it initially sold out at the distributor but the three sales on ebay in the past few days vary from $6 to $10.

Screen shot 2016-05-09 at 7.02.03 PM

Another book first discussed on Bleedingcool is Boom Studios Joyride #1. This book has been selling well online, however, with three 50/50 ratio covers released it seems that cover A is the only book heating up. With multiple sales averaging $7 to $10 and one sale of all three covers at $30, this is another book to be looking for.


Last book I’m going to talk about came out last week from Image Comics. From writer / artist/film director Karre Andrews we see the release of Renato Jones the 1%. Already going into a second printing the first print Renato Jones #1 has been selling for $6 to $10 and is still trending upwards.



Also, please check out the newly launched, newly designed, RJ comics and Toys website. Offering 30% off Previews pre-orders as well as offering a very extensive back issue selection

Happy Speculating
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  • Great report as usual, Lord Linguini. 🙂

    I wish your reports were more frequent, but alas, I understand the busy life.

    Joyride is an excellent book, by the way. Pick it up if you haven’t.

  • In the long run do you think WD 138 will be a better book? The first full appearances of Alpha. It was getting 20 long before the cameo.

  • Still waiting for whatever Shark Bear love is! lol

  • Cindy Moon/Silk Fan

    There’s a Lootcrate version of TWD 132 as well (which I have still sealed)

  • I cancelled my loot crate subscription after I found out there’s over 200,000 subscribers to their service. Meaning loot crate variants are often larger than the actual release print run. :/

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