Week in Review: May 4


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This week has one book you should be looking for and two variants that you should be thinking about picking up.

Batman / Superman #32 comes out this week and is already sold out at Diamond and is selling for $10 on ebay. First reported by Larry’s Comics and the guys at CBSI,  Batman/Superman #32 features the first appearance of Kenji Kong. Kenji Kong is the new Superman, he’s Chinese and he is based in China and is launched through the DC Rebirth event first the first issue released on July 13. This is a book to be looking for and holding onto as it has long term holding value.

This week sees two honorable mention variants that have been heating up online. There’s the release of a new Punisher series from Marvel. The 1:25 ratio Alex Maleev Punisher #1 variant has been selling for $35 to $40. The other variant to look for is Gwenpool #0 1:25 variant. This book has been selling for $30 to $60 the past three weeks in pre-sale, however, many stores are reporting spine and binary issues due to the printing process with these books making near mint plus difficult to obtain. This book should have legs in the short term.

Happy Speculating
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