Week in Review: April 28

Released this week and already selling for $15?? This is the Week in Review.


Killbox #1 from American Gothic Press has already sold out at the Distributor level. (Diamond). This seems to be the clear winner of the week as it’s been selling for $10 to $15. There is also a 1:10 Darick Robertson Variant Cover. This book could be a slow burner or it could lose all steam. Either way, great potential if you’re able to pick it up at cover price.


Another book to be looking for (as pointed out at CHU) is the Fix #1. This book was selling for $15 last week, the price has fallen this week to around $10 now that more copies have been made available. There is a image expo variant cover (that has been averaging around $20 to $25) but the book to be looking for is the retailer ashcan. This book was only sent to select retailers that ordered heavy on image comics – this is not a one per retailer ashcan – if this book has legs this is the book to be looking for.

Screen shot 2016-04-28 at 3.01.13 AM

Also, this is a Nick Spencer book so keep that in mind if you plan on holding onto copies. Spencer is notorious for dropping titles and long delays. His previous Image creator owned title, Bedlam, is just one example of many.

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