Robbi Rodriguez Comic Exit / Blind Adam Podcast

At last weekend’s C2E2 Robbi Rodriguez known for his work and co-creation of Spider-Gwen announced he was leaving comics. It was a weird announcement and why it is newsworthy I’m not sure (there are tons of creators that quit the industry without a peep being made so its weird but also very comical) – however there was one piece of information within this recent announcement.

Rodriguez stated he was leaving comics after the Gwenom story arc- Gwen Stacy possessed as Venom – a book that hasn’t been solicited but is expected to drop sometime around the end of the year. Why is this important and why am I not talking about the announced Iron-Jane -Mary Jane/ Iron Spider-Man comic book that was just announced at C2E2? Gwenom has already appeared in the Marvel universe and is sure to start heating up the back issue bins.

Screen shot 2016-03-21 at 2.25.58 PM

Guardians of Knowhere #1 Gwenom Alternate Variant Cover. This features the first appearance of Gwenom (on cover) and is selling out on ebay at $10. Listings online are starting to dry up with the over-priced copies remaining. This is a book to be looking for with great spec value as more news comes out about the series.

Something else to check out this week is Blind Adams Awesomesauce Comics Podcast. Adam had contributed to both Comic Book Scalping and and is someone to be paying attention to. In this episode he interviews Marv Wolfman about his career in comics.
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I have dropped the ball on posts in the last two weeks however this week you should expect me to touch on – hollywood catchup talking about DC new television ventures, The Daredevil television series and books to hunt for as well as a Week in Review post highlighting books of the week.
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