Modern Milestones: Y The Last Man #1


I talked about this series briefly a few months ago here. 

In the last few months Y: The Last Man #1 has been selling for record high prices. Since its publication in 2002 there have been numerous rumours and numerous productions companies signed on to bringing Y: The Last Man to either the big screen or to the smaller (TV) screen. However, now that FX has signed on and with Brian K. Vaughn completely behind the wheel it seems that the Y The Last Man TV Series is soon to be a reality**. Which of course means this book isn’t going to start falling in price anytime soon.


With an estimated print run of just over 15,000* – Graded copies of the first issue of Y The Last Man have peaked above the $1000 mark! GPA quotes*** the average sales for CGC 9.8 Signature series (Just Brian K Vaughn) for 2014 as $440 – with the 2015 average jumping to $1000. (There was also a sale in November of $1100 for a quadruple signed CGC 9.8 copy of Y The Last Man #1.)


Prices for this book are on the way up! Another thing to take note of is the large discrepancy between blue label unsigned copies and signature series copies. Where the CGC 9.8 Y the Last Man #1 2015 average sale price was just under $400 – the average sale price signed in CGC 9.8 was more then double this figure.

Y: The Last Man #1 is a book on its way up – a lot of money can be made with this book and now is the time to be speculating on it!

*Estimated Print run of 15,287 as quoted by Comic Book Realm
** FX Signing on
***GPA is monthy membership software website tracking sold graded books both on and offline, tracking and averaging completed sale prices of CGC books. 

Happy Speculating
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