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News came out this week that famed novelist, poet and activist, Margaret Atwood, is working on her first Graphic Novel. It’ll be published in 2016 by Dark Horse Comics, “Angel Catbird“, with artwork by Johnny Christmas. This is worth mentioning for a few reasons. For one, Atwood’s growing fan base will eat this book up as it’s being marketed as her first graphic novel. This could also be the first original story from her with many adaptations of her work in the comic book medium. Why am I talking about this? While this book is being pushed out as Atwood’s first comic book work, it is not. An Anthology kickstarter, “The Secret Lives of Geek Girls“, (launched in July and published just this month) features three pages of an original comic book story drawn and written by Atwood. This book has also been picked up for publication by Dark Horse in 2016. However, the kickstarter edition made available this month can still be purchased from $15 to $20. When the “Angel Catbird” HC comes out, the kickstarter edition of “Secret Lives of Geek Girls” will also have great potential of selling for three times its current sale price.

Secret Lives of Geek Girls is available here for $20 from the Kickstarter Creator. 

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Another kickstarter book to keep an eye on is Tephlon Funk #1. Coming off a successfully funded kickstarter Project, the first issue of Tephlon Funk #1 was offered through the books crowdfunding as well as the official comic’s website two weeks ago. Limited to 100 copies, the first print kickstarter edition quickly sold out. The second print was made available, limited to 150 copies, and sold out in mere hours. A third print of 200 copies was also made available and followed the same trend selling out in a few hours. Now Gonzo Studios, known for the Afro Samurai anime, are in talks for developing Tephlon Funk into an animated series. With an original price of under $10, the first issue is already selling for $80 on the secondary market! This is a book worth paying attention to!
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