Word?! 451 Media – Book to watch for this week Exmortis #1

This was pointed out to me by Flunky Rapper in the comment Section. 451 Media fresh off the release of Sunflower #1 and Self Storage #1 have a new #1 series coming out this week and its already sold out at the distributer (Diamond) level and selling in the $10 range. The book is a little different then Sunflower or Self Storage in that it deals with Nazis. Both Sunflower and Self Storage have dropped in selling prices from there prevalent $15 places back to a $7 to $8 sale price range, this will most likely be the same situation with this new book so please keep that in mind.

Exmortis #1 sees its release this week and is a book to be picking up for the quick flip.

Screen shot 2015-11-02 at 4.12.19 PM
Another 451 Media book that sees its release this month is Six #1. This book comes from one of the script writers of the hit HBO drama The Wire, George Pelecanos and is his first comic book series. Like the perviously stated 451 media books, this book already has peak sales of $10 on ebay. With a release date of November 18, this is another book to be looking for and thinking about.

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There is a lot of talk about Barnes and Nobel and Hastings Comics both getting all 451 media books in large quantities in there stores – also there are rumblings that they have direct barcode editions that could be worth more money down the line if these books end up having a longer shelf life.

Happy Speculating
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  • I work for B&N and have not heard a word about carrying 451 books but if it’s like the Titan Dr. who books we carry they will have a barcode sticker put on them

  • 451 media books started trickling in at b&n stores with Bad Moon Rising #2 showing up in my store

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