Hollywood Catchup: Omac / A Voice in the Dark


A voice in the Dark has seen a tremendous amount of buzz the past two days. Why? Because the creator Larime Taylor made this facebook post on monday.
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Larime is hinting that his series, a voice in the dark, has been picked up for development by someone. I talked about this briefly before, A Voice in the Dark started out as a Kickstarter and was later picked up by Top Cow / Image comics as an on-going series. The kickstarter edition is the first appearance of the series and is the book to be looking for. Now is the time to be holding on to and hoarding Issue #1s (which have already had peak sales of $20+ on ebay) and the Kickstarter #1s.


Rumours are starting to come out that Doomsday isn’t in the Superman / Batman film but instead it is the OMAC project. Which would make sense if DC was trying to use this film to promote its upcoming television series as Booster Gold and Blue Beetle hold important roles in the OMAC Project storyline. This is just speculation without any clear confirmation however these books are starting to rise in price based on this speculation. The books to look for are First Omac Project and First Omac. Omac #1 from 1971, pure Jack Kirby gold and the Omac Project #1 from 2006 will be clear winners.

latest     omac1


Also Check out this INSANE Omac #1 Jack Kirby Splash Page



Happy Speculating
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  • I would like to see Omac in the DC cinematic universe. Right now, like you said, both first appearances are very cheap. Even if they don’t use OMAC now they could very well could in the future. Now is definitely the time to pick these up.

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