Week in Review October 16: Hollywood Catchup


Now that Preacher is closer to seeing its premier in mid-2016 it seems that Seth Rogen and team are shopping around other Garth Ennis projects. It seems that Seth Rogen is set on developing The Boys into a television series. The Boys is about a team of police agents that police or more, put in place, the super-heroes of the world. Its a brutal, sexual, awesome book in the same vein of Ennis’s other catalog of work. The Boys #1 to #6 were first published by Wildstorm which when bought out by DC cancelled the book. Ennis stated later that the book was cancelled by DC for its largely negative sentiment of Super-Heroes and Super-Heroe behaviour outside of comic books. The series was later picked up by Dynamite Entertainment where it ended at issue #72. The Boys #1 is going to see a huge increase from the $10 to $20 the book sold for last week.

Screen shot 2015-10-15 at 2.14.26 AM

Alias #1 also seeing a very nice increase in price for RAW sales while the Netflix series comes very close to premiering. At NYCC all the Jessica Jones actors got to sit down with Press and talk about the series – it was there that Wil Traval talked about his character, named Simpson – based on post-Vietnam War super Soliders. After this interview the rumour and suggestion started coming up that Nuke (Frank Simpson) would be appearing in Jessica Jones – which is very possible – Nuke sounds strikinly similar to the character Travel was describing. Nuke’s first appearance is a book you should have anyways, Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s collaborative effort in Daredevil #232 made Nuke one of the most unique villians of the 80s – and is a definite book to be looking for.


I’ll talk about the Legion TV-Show tomorrow.

Happy Speculating
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