Damage Control TV-Series?!?!

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News came out this week that former Daily Show and Colbert Report Executive Producer Ben Karlin was in-words with ABC to adapt Marvel Comic’s Damage Control as a 30 minute a episode television series. Damage Control is the government program that cleans up cities and buildings after a super-hero melt-down; meaning that after something happens like Captain America throwing the Red Scull through a restaurant, Damage Control is there to clean up the mess.

Damage Control had three four part mini-series with the first one being a standout, with Damage Control #1 from 1989 selling from $10 to $20. This is a book pulled directly out of the dollar bin.

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The clear winner in the Damage Control TV-Show news is Marvel Comics Presents #19 (May 1989) – this features the first appearance of Damage Control in name and features the full team. This book has already sold for $60 on ebay. So it is trending upwards with most average sale prices around $25 to $30 – this is a book to be looking for with great potential to continuing increasing in value.

Screen shot 2015-10-05 at 10.27.07 PMALSO

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Bleedingcool wrote an article today saying that the REAL first appearance of Damage Control was Marvel Age Annual #4 – This book features a preview of Damage Control #1 a full year before the book was released (June of 1988) – Marvel Age first appearances usually see a bump in price when a new announcement has been made but overtime the value drops, so if you find these sell them fast as they sell well now but will not hold value.

Marvel_Age_Annual_Vol_1_4_bHappy Speculating
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