Spotlight on: The Pitiful Human Lizard

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Paper Girls #1 comes out from Image Comics next week – it will be the second on-going series by Eisner winning writer Brian K. Vaughn. This book is selling out in presales and while its not being pegged as the next Saga, has potential to become the next hot Image Series. A book that came out this week that you should be looking into is The Pitful Human Lizard #1 from Chapter House Comics.


Jason Loo’s The Pitiful Human Lizard started as a modestly funded Kickstarter, self published under the Loo Harvest Group banner, Loo published the first five issues before partnering with Chapter House to republish and solicit the series to a broader audience. The First few issues will be reprinted material before the story continues with Chapter House. The Pitiful Human Lizard is a fun, all-age comic and is sure to cause buzz in the coming weeks.

The book to look for is the original printing from Loo Harvest Press that was first published through the original Kick-Starter.



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