Week in Review August 19 – Back on Track

Back from a longer then usual hiatus is my Week in Review for August 19.

This week sees the release of Black Mask’s highest page number first issue with 64 pages and a 6.99 price tag. This book and its three covers are already selling for $10 to $15 on ebay. This is not a book to be sleeping on. Cover B seems to have the most potential.

Screen shot 2015-08-19 at 3.37.27 AM
Another book that most retailers received today was the Invader Zim Retailer Thank You #1 (Possibly regarded as the RRP) featuring a cover by Avatar the Last Air-Bender co-creator Bryan Konietzko – a similar cover with a SDCC logo is also floating out there however this book is limited to 500 copies and was sent directly from Boom to retailers. Your LCS should have a copy. This book is selling for $30 to $60 and is a book to be looking for.

Screen shot 2015-08-19 at 3.21.29 AM

Big News came out this week about Fantagraphics first on-going series Hip Hop Family Tree (also debuting this week) from creator Ed Piskors facebook account.
Screen shot 2015-08-19 at 3.29.47 AMI’ve hinted at the importance of this book before but now it has been confirmed by Ed Piskor that he has sold the right of the Hip Hop family tree in a development deal. The book to look for is the 2014 Hip Hop Family Tree FCBD Fantagraphics comic. This book sells on ebay for around $15 in near mint condition – it is the first appearance of Hip Hop family tree being published before the Hip Hop Family Tree Volume One debut. If this TV happens, this book will explode.

Coming up Soon: The first action figure variant; its importance / sleeper status, more speculation, less hesitation.


  • Unless i am wrong, there are 4 covers for the young terrorists book excluding store variants. There is regular covers a and b, cover c is the 1:10 variant the black and white one you have in the pic, then cover D would be the limited ben templesmith variant.
    I would say cover D or C are going to be the ones to get

  • Thanks for the heads up on Zim. I was able to pick one up from my lcs.

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